As someone who vows to protect the freedoms of individuals, medical freedom is the first on the list. With Covid-19 shining a spotlight on how the government can dictate how you can live or what you are able to do, we are being pulled away from the very freedoms that enable us to do what we want with our bodies, regarding what should or shouldn’t be injected into us. We only get one body to live in and for us to be told that we are unable to make the decision ourselves as far as what we can put into our bodies is unconstitutional. We cannot blindly follow what the government says. There must be proof and there must be accountability, not only with medicine and healthcare but with any government decision.

This also goes to those who are wanting to try experimental medicines when all other options are exhausted. A glimmer of hope is sometimes what people need but are quickly rejected.

We need transparency with medicine and what we are being pressured to inject into our bodies.

On the other side of the spectrum, illegal drugs and opioid pharmaceutical misuse and abuse are also big issues that need to be addressed before it’s too late to reverse the damage being done to our communities. Issues such as these must be addressed on a federal level.

We should be able to choose our own doctors, and doctors need to be able to feel safe providing healthcare to citizens. Silenced healthcare workers are becoming all too common.

I support choosing your healthcare, private practices in a free market, crushing the prescription drug pandemic, and most importantly, Medical Freedom.