Covid-19 was a huge blow to the US Economy, but our problems came way before that.


Mandates have no place in our communities when the science had not been proven. Our healthcare choices should not be held hostage.

First and Second Amendments

The amendments in our constitution guarantees our rights as American citizens. Our first and second amendment rights are in danger of being stripped.  


Americans are privileged with the amount of education available to us, but our way of educating is slowly turning into indoctrination.


There is no room for any member of society to have more sway over the law than others.


Illegal immigration is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed for the safety and future of our country.

All I see are the meltdowns from Roe v Wade. Just like that, the coverage of Ukraine is down to almost nothing. #Midterms2022

I didn't realize how much citizens didn't understand federal vs state power until now. I see it now that lots of people think that overturning Roe v Wade will ban all abortions in every state.

We get it, Heard is a piece of crap (pun intended). Can we now talk about the Fed and treasury bonds or are we still ignoring that?

Budget for US Department of Education this year with OUR money: $113.58bn. Elon Musk buying Twitter, a one-time purchase, with HIS money: $44bn. The left's meltdowns don't make sense.

Remember when we used to laugh at the absurdity of J. Jonah Jameson at the Daily Bugle? It's real life now. #media #fakenews

Wow … this didn’t age well!!

Biden in 2019: “Imagine what could happen to Ukraine” if Trump is re-elected …

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