“Education is the Golden Key to unlock the door of freedom.”

Education standards are not only a priority but a necessity in our schools in America. Several programs that seemed to help our educational standards have made the situation worse despite the cries of citizens warning the government about the potential fallout.

Now, we have another problem: indoctrination.

Indoctrination does not belong in our schools. The school’s primary focus should always be education.

With Covid-19 we have seen schools do things that we had never imagined happening: masks, vaccination pressure, separation. We must remember that our children, especially in a learning environment are sensitive to pressure. Homeschooling (not virtual learning) had gone up exponentially with these factors in place.

Every state and area is different when it comes to education. States and communities SHOULD be in charge of how their schools are run. Running all schools federally (and efficiently) is an impossible feat, therefore, the Federal Department of Education should have less control and should be downsized.

I support homeschool families, school choice, raises for teachers based on performance, limiting teacher union’s power, de-politicizing our children’s education.

I also support pushing trade schools as much as possible for the stability of our economy and guaranteed futures for young adults.